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Uranium Capsule

Glas en ruimte

Glass and space

A pentagonal black box forms the backdrop of 5 blown glass sculptures with uranium glass. The box acts as a theater with lighting and mirrors that creates a surreal experience. The spectator can look inside the box and put on headphones that play the soundscapes of musician Rhea. The glass sculptures light up in blacklight and are reflected in the 5 separate rooms.
Blown glass (5 sculptures), wood, steel, lighting, mirrors, 5 headphones, electronics
dimension : 180 x 95 x 95

Concept : 

"Uranium Capsule" is 1 of the installations from "The Space Project," a project in which I explore 'blown space' and subject it to experimentation in the glass studio. This is how I developed my own technique to enclose a blown form in a second blown form. This created the first installation "Inner Space," a series of blown spheres presented against a wall with lighting. In "Uranium Capsule," I use only uranium glass to color the sculptures.

There are 5 different sculptures on display, each using different techniques.

I use traditional techniques (Reticello, overlay, grail technique) combined with my own technique. The solidified object shows how the amorphous glass behaves during the transformation process. The spheres look like cells, viruses, organic forms from nature. Glass is an amorphous substance where ions, atoms or molecules are not regularly arranged. My fascination with nature and the cosmos is reflected in the glass. By adding energy we are able to transform materials, this process is constantly taking place all around us. The results are unique solidified illusions that reflect the mystery and wonder of the material.

When presenting the glass sculptures, I looked for a way to enhance the viewing experience. The uranium glass lights up when using a blacklight, this reinforces the idea of the energy required to liquefy the glass. By placing mirrors in the five compartments I create the illusion of 1 space inviting the viewer to figure out the mystery of the 5 spaces.

At a later stage, musician Rhea (Marc De Wit) composed 5 soundscapes that added an ultimate dimension to the installation.

His compositions include the use of the sound of a Geiger counter, each sculpture has its own character and is named after a different isotope of uranium.

All these different layers make "Uranium Capsule" a unique, wondrous viewing and listening experience.

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